About Me

Hello, and welcome to my site! This is just a little area to show off some of my work and skills. I am a graduate of the University of York, England, where I earned by masters in Mathematics and Computer Science, but am currently back home in Leamington Spa in the West Midlands. My interest in website design and development started when I was 13, when I created a fansite for my favorite video game. Back then I sketched my site out on Microsoft Word, and taught myself how to code in HTML from scratchs. Of course, I'm now way beyond using Word to design sites, and my HTML has been bought up to W3C standards! I've used these skills more constructively over the last few years by creating websites for the businesses of family and friends (or more specifically, friends of family, and family of friends!) which is what is on display here. Of course there's always new or more efficent ways to code on the web and i'm always refining and progressing!

My Skills

I design my sites with the aid of photoshop and inkscape and code them with the help of Notepad++. Take a look around and you'll find examples of coding with HTML5 and CSS3, and fully responsive websites. I've also had experience working with MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin and using PHP to display this information. A recent addition to this list is the use of Javascript and in particular the Ajax jQuery statements, I am currently building upon this Javascript knowledge, but am happy to use prebuilt Javascript objects and scripts in my work.